Misty, the 10-year-old Golden Retriever who inspired the Senior Dogs Project

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"Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog."
Sydney Jeanne Seward


Rimadyl Update....September 1, 2017

Long Iisland, NY, Woman Sues Veterinarian, Blames Painkiller For Beloved Dog's Death ....see the report, learn Buoy's story

Why Adopt a Senior Dog?

Find a Senior Dog to Adopt or Foster

    Find a Home for a Senior Dog

    Featured Agency:

    Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary [FLPS] in Scottsdale, AZ, is dedicated to matching rescued senior animals with loving families to provide a meaningful and caring second chance at life. FLPS is one of only two senior animal rescues in Maricopa County, AZ. Formed in 2012 as a non-profit 501[c][3] organization, the focus of FLPS is to promote the rescue, adoption, and well-being of senior animals. FLPS also provides public education regarding the value of adopting a senior pet. FLPS has a fluctuating list of sweet senior dogs (and cats) available for adoption. Please check for updates. In the photo at the right is Rat Terrier "Itty Bitty," a sweet and very smart little dog. Click on her photo to find out more about her.

    Health Care for an Older Dog

    The Road Ahead

    Finding guidance and comfort when you face the loss of a beloved companion

    Adoption Stories and Tributes

    The Animal Rescue Site...You can help to feed animals in shelters by clicking on the link that appears here. Sponsors contribute to the cost of food based on how many visitors click on the link each day.

    Take Action!

    Tell the President of Wayne State University to Halt Cruel Heart Failure Experiments on Dogs --

    For more than 20 years, experiments have been conducted at Wayne State University using dogs in heart failure research. Supposedly intended to find out more about heart failure in humans, these experiments have not, in fact, done that. Over that time, hundreds of dogs have been used and killed with no human health benefits to show for it. Since 2000, more than $5 million in taxpayer funding—doled out by the National Institutes of Health—have gone to these experiments. Sign the petition of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine to end these inhumane and pointless experiments.

    End Horse Carriage Cruelty

    An organization called New York Class, is focused on ending the cruelty of the horse carriage industry in New York City. The conditions endured by the horses are horrific -- competing with cars, trucks, and buses (you can imagine who usually wins); breathing in exhaust fumes for long hours each day; retiring late at night to cramped warehouse stalls with no room to lie down; being forced to work in extremes of weather; deliberate mistreatment by their handlers. Numerous accidents have resulted in injury or death to the horses and, in some cases, injury to humans. The carriage horse in the photo at the right collapsed while pulling a carriage in the street and subsequently died. Sign the petition in support of NYClass' efforts to end this unconscionable cruelty.

    Factory Farming Doesn't Want You to Know about the Horrors....

    The right to free speech belongs to you only if factory farmers say you're entitled to it. If they have their way, laws may soon be passed in some states making it illegal for the public to try to find out and report the truth about factory farming. Sign the petition to prevent ag-gag laws from being enacted.

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    "It seems to me that every time we think we've narrowed in on what the crucial difference between humans and the rest of the animals is, we turn out to be wrong again. I remember when man was the tool-using animal. Now we know that many animals use tools. Chimps have a theory of mind. Scrub jays evidence episodic memory. We have underestimated our fellow animals at every turn, mainly by being unable to see beyond ourselves. It would be nice if we could stop doing that." Karen Joy Fowler, author, We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves.

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